by Chris de Serres

We don’t treat animals very well.  In general yes.  But I admit I don’t treat my dog as well as I should.  I have a golden retriever which are probably the most loyal and cuddly dogs in the world.  She can’t get enough affection.  Often I have to shoo her away because she always needs to be touching me.  Whether it’s sidling up to my feet while i’m on the couch.  Or even just laying at my feet and putting one of her paws over my foot.  She wants to stay in physical contact forever.  She hates being told to lay on her bed.  I have to tell her over and over and then she finally grudgingly goes.  I always feel so guilty about it.  I guess that’s the way golden retrievers are.  I’ve just never experienced it.  My wife calls her the velcro dog.

I often think how to make her happy, in ways that don’t involve 24 hour contact.  She loves doggy biscuits and doggy bones.  She loves a good tummy rub.  She has an unusually close relationship with toys.  She has many toys and she often quietly plays with them.  Almost as if the toy is another dog.  She almost completely ignores other dogs.  We’ll take her to the park and she will run to the people and try to solicit some petting.  There’s twenty dogs in this place.

She’s a peculiar dog.  I do wonder how the previous owners treated her.  If they locked her up outside.  If she was kept separate from other dogs and thus didn’t develop the social skills.