Digital Detox

by Chris de Serres

This has become necessary.  Our new obsession is time away from Facebook and the constantly checking of the IPhone.  Was it that long ago when we weren’t constantly reclining our necks downward into these attention sucking devices.

Life is a broken stream of tweets and updates.  I have this computer in front of my face in the evenings while my daughter is making plays for my attention.  Why am I not giving her more attention?  More quality time?  I’m not even sure how to answer that.  Even when i’m doing something important on my IPhone, is it really that important?

It’s this instant feedback loop that we all have found ourselves in.  For millenials, it’s all they ever have known.  Can you imagine growing up only knowing the digital stimulus?

So i’m watching Chelsea Handler on Netflix and she is in the prairie somewhere attending a digital detox.  It seems so ludicrous but so necessary.

More and more i’m wondering how life was lived without internet access.  Without knowing what the top ten soundbytes from the last presidential debate.  Without that hit.

This addiction seems so hard to manage.  Maybe I need more rules.  Yet, I feel like having the IPhone in my pocket is just too much.  Maybe I should just leave it in my bag unless I need it.  I’m not sure really.

There was a time when life wasn’t so immediate.  Waiting was a good thing.  It still is.