Things I Like…

by Chris de Serres

Things I Like:

1.  Realizing how patient I can be.

2.  Meditating with my 6-year-old daughter for 5 minutes.

3.  Forgetting to bring my IPhone with me.

4.  The Flextrek Whipsnake.

5.  Waking up early on a weekday and making my family eggs and toast before I go to work.

6.  That hour in the morning before anyone else is up where the possibilities are endless.

7.  Spotify.

8.  Filling up old Moleskine notebooks with hopes and dreams and doodles.

9.  Climbing old granite rock.

10.  The exhausted, fatigued, happy feeling after a long weekend in nature.

11.  Those Mondays when i’m feeling too good to let things bother me.

12.  The car sitting in my driveway because i’m biking everywhere.

13.  Those three kale plants in my garden who refuse to die.

14.  Giving my daughter a ‘divebomb’ onto the bed right before bedtime.

15.  When my chihuahua randomly goes into beastmode and runs around the room over and over at full speed.

16.  My wife’s off-color jokes

17.  Cacio e Pepe

18.  The greatest cup of coffee you’ll ever have, and yes you have to come to Seattle to get it.


Things I’ve Learned:

1.  Breathe deeply three times and everything is just a little better.

2.  Most conflict is like a storm, just wait for it to pass, then proceed.

3.  It’s better to let people figure it out on their own, with subtle guidance when needed.

4.  You must take better care of your body.  It does so much and asks for very little.  It’s best to listen.

5.  Our parents made tremendous sacrifices, and now that I know that I make sure they know that I know.

6.  Whatever it is that happened to you as a child, it’s not your fault.

7.  It’s okay to be silent.


Things I’m Good At:

1.  Helping others

2.  Being a father

3.  Mentoring others

4.  Being patient

5.  Wasting my precious time

6.  Writing

7.  Cooking

8.  Creating fun out of the weirdest situations

9.  Enduring hardship

10.  Having faith