Biking = Writing

by Chris de Serres

purple box

Purple box, purple box…

We don’t move our bodies enough.  I sit in my office for 8 hours a day.  Often I go home and sit on the couch for an additional few hours.  The next day; rinse, wash, and repeat.  It’s this pattern that absolutely kills my creativity.

So I bike to work.  It breathes vitality into my day.  I’ve told myself that it is simply transportation, but it is transformation.  Something happens in those 5 miles.  I am connected to my surroundings.  I hear all the sounds around me.  I feel a strong, windy day and try my best to fight it.  My heart rate rises as I prepare for that final hill climb before a rewarding descent through campus and to the front step of my office.

Even if I don’t get my workouts each week.  Or if I skip that trail run because I get too caught up.  I always make room for the bike.  It’s my daily transportation, and so much more.