Thoughts From A Ledge

by Chris de Serres


I breathe.  I get bored.  I wonder when my next chance will be to pee.  I look up until my neck hurts too much.  I turn around and look at the beautiful view.  I eat snacks.  I sip from Camelback until I remember I have to pee.  I see my leader is getting close to a hard move, then I yell, “YOU GOT THIS!”  I remember that I could be at work right now.  I wonder how I could live here and climb all the time.  I wonder if my daughter will be sitting on this cliff one day, looking out.  I take off my shoes and rub my arthritic toes.  I realize I won’t be able to do this forever.  I appreciate.  A sliver of sunlight breaks through the cloud cover.  I turn skyward and close my eyes for a second, for a lifetime.

I breathe.