Cold Ice

by Chris de Serres


There’s something visceral about snow.  We were only 100 feet away from the ice caves and a cold breeze shot through us.  It felt like stepping into nature’s version of a walk-in freezer.

I scrambled 10 feet from the entrance with Ryan close behind.  Then we just peered into it’s enormous depths.  I really wanted to go in,  but it’s killed many people through the years.  It looks inviting, but nature has no regard for us.  It is just there.

The ice caves are only a mile from the road.  So alot of people come to see and feel it.  Many who aren’t accustomed to the laws of nature just go right into the cave.  They want to take their selfies and update their instagram.  They behave as if it’s no big deal.  It’s an unfortunate relationship many of us have with nature.  A lack of respect.  A lack of knowing.

We’ve twisted and contorted our realities to suit us, but the ice caves on a hot day don’t care about your rules and expectations.  It’s the reason why folks will continue to come out to the ice caves and they will continue to jeopardize their lives.