Candy Jar

by Chris de Serres


When the recess bell rang, I left the classroom with the other kids.  I went around one of the side buildings where no one could see me and waited for the teacher to leave.  Then I quietly went back into the dark classroom and waited.

There was this huge jar filled with peppermint candy.  I wasn’t sure what it was for.  There were so many.  Who would know if I took just one?

I took one each day that I hid in the classroom, waiting.  Sometimes I fell asleep.  One day, a couple of kids came in as I was hunched over my desk.

“What are you doing in here?  You’re not supposed to be in here!  We’re gonna tell Ms. Yamasaki!”

Maybe I wanted her to know.  How isolated I felt.  I had no friends here, didn’t fit in.  No one wanted to play with the red-headed white kid.  But it was just an idle threat.

The following week…

“Class, has anyone noticed that our jar of candy is only half full?  Has someone been taking candy out of the jar?”

I shrunk underneath my desk.

“Remember, we are collecting these for the end of the year.”

The next day I found a new place to hide.