Cake Sucks

by Chris de Serres


This morning is wet in Seattle.  It is a welcome relief.  It is as if all has been set aright again in the Pacific Northwest.  So many dry hot days can one man take.  We love our light perpetual rain.  The mist that grabs onto us as we walk these puddled streets.

I found this article that celebrates why rain is right.  Then I thought why can’t I find more writing like this?  The amount of information flowing across the internet is overwhelming.  It’s like a flood with all these tributaries.  Our job is to pick the right tributary.  The one that aligns with our values and sensibilities.  But what happens when you feel like none of them do?

Then I read this article and hope is restored.  It isn’t the sheer volume of content.  It’s our ability to find what speaks to us.  Every outlet is about Trump.  This strange homogenous takeover of every news source is unprecedented.  Whether you love or hate him, it’s all about him.  The New York Times is almost unreadable these days.  He’s like cake.  Too much of him can make one feel bloated and disgusting.

Every new media item comes with it’s own onslaught of debasement.  It’s known as the comments section.  It’s not a place to go to find anything constructive or useful.  It’s a world of us vs. them.  It’s just an outlet for anger, fear, and the expression of stereotypical thinking.

The comments section is one of the most abused forms of communication on the internet.  It’s an online road rage event.  Every so often I get sucked in, and I always realize my time was wasted.

Everybody is blogging, writing, reporting, and offering their experiences to everyone else.  That is really awesome.  It also makes it harder to find what each of us individually really need.  To remember what we really crave.

What I need right now is a tea biscuit.  While I enjoy the rain in Seattle.