Her Life Twinkles

by Chris de Serres

Today she starts her second year of school.  It is hard to see her grow so fast, as if her life is a sprint.  Sprinting out of our lives, out of childhood.  I want her to stay awhile and let daddy stay needed for just a little longer.  I don’t want to be forgotten so soon.

I have my own life to live, but the love of a child feels like all of it sometimes.  She is so happy.  Ophelia and I live in this adult world of stress, fear, and anxiety.  This child is in the Milky Way.  These things mean so little to her.  Should they not to us?

She is much like her mother.  Willing to do anything, be anything, go anywhere.  As long as she has her family with her.  I admire this ability.

Last night we kicked the soccer ball around in the backyard for hours.  Night had fallen, but we continued.  I had never felt so focused as in that moment.  I could see her capacity to surrender to her passions.  This is the life of a child.

It is past her bedtime, but we continue to kick with the moon.

Today we let her go once again.  I may be older but I remember the first day of class.  It is an exciting day to say goodbye.