Shades of Gray

by Chris de Serres

She was much older than I was.  In a manner, she was a bit of a mentor for me.  Yet not really because I think she wanted to have sex with me.  At one work event, there was heavy drinking and dancing.  I could tell she had a few.  She put her arm around me and I put my around her waist.  She wiggled in my arms.  She wanted me to come up to her room later.  Gave me her key.

She was my boss.  It all was a bit perplexing.  If I was going to have sex with an older woman it would be her.  I took a long walk around the hotel grounds to think.  Looked out over the beautiful Tumon bay.  Then I decided.

I took the elevator up, sweat in my palms.  Took out the keycard and opened the door.

The room was empty.

There was a huge bag of weed on the dresser.  I sat on a stool and waited a couple of minutes.  I put the keycard on the counter and left.  As I walked through the lobby I wondered if she would be put off.

Then I saw her coming out of a door, heading to the elevator.  In my uncertainty I raised my hand and began to yell, but no noise came out.  I just watched her, quite drunkenly sway over to the elevator.

A few months later I left the job.  She gave me what was probably the greatest job referral I have ever received in my life.