Give Me Your Tired

by Chris de Serres

This morning I logged into the New York Times website, like I do every day.  Nearly every article I found  was about Trump.  Like many of you, i’ve been following this election closely.  I have had a very strong reaction to what i’ve been seeing and hearing.  It seems like we have gone out of our collective minds.  I know I have.

The sheer amount of negative energy we are generating is staggering.  We are expected to hold onto this heavy weight as the days count closer.  I’m sure we all feel it.  Carrying this weight.  I don’t know what it means for politics going forward.  Too many unwritten rules have been violated.  Too many mores have been ignored and discarded.

If this Trump vs Clinton contest is our new normal, then I can’t imagine what we’ll see.  I was proud to see our country elect it’s first African-American president.  Yet, it’s one of these things that’s had a destabilizing effect on our way of life.  Our economy is doing well, yet some folks feel so scared and threatened.  We heard many voices of reason urging us to try to understand why many are supporting Trump.  It seems like the only constructive path ahead.  Yet, with weeks away how can we possibly identify and sympathize with so much at stake?

How did we find ourselves living these segregated worlds?  Conservatives and liberals each have fully legitimate worlds that they can exist in.  They never need to come up for air.  To entertain rationality or common sense.  Substance is not even needed.  A focus on the issues is not necessary.  We wallow in our self-delusions and hold to them tightly.

I grew up watching the Presidential debates.  Last night, I had to remove my daughter from the room.  There was no way I could let my daughter see a grown woman subjected to that.  Ever.

I see this as the father of a young girl.  As a veteran.  As someone who has worked over a decade with victims of child abuse and domestic assault. As a crisis hotline worker.  As the grandson of immigrants.  I see all of this and I can’t believe what I am seeing.

I don’t know this America.