A Storm’s A Coming

by Chris de Serres


Purple rod of destruction!

They say it’s going to be ‘major event.’  The local Costco closely resembled the beatdown one may receive at a post-Thanksgiving doorbuster.  I actually had to elbow my way toward the cases of bottled water.  A tiny lady subsequently elbowed me out of the way only to figure out she wasn’t strong enough to pick up a case.  Then her husband elbowed over to do the duties.

Seattlites are officially freakin’ out.  My wife had time, in between replacing batteries, to berate the City of Seattle over the phone for not fixing our streets drainage issue.

The ‘city’ came, dropped down ten sandbags in front of our house, and left.  Our local celebrity meteorologist Cliff Mass is manically posting weather radar screenshots on his blog.  He is describing what he terms an “atmospheric river” coming through the Pacific Northwest.  Picture a huge windy waterfall with Seattle at the bottom of it.

This is the weekend that northwest survival fanatics have been warning us about.  Only we didn’t listen and we didn’t pack our ‘bug-out’ bags.  We didn’t stock up on Tang and we don’t have pressurized candle-lit bunkers to wait things out.

Yet,we are Seattlites damn it!  We wear camping clothes at the office and eat freeze dried meals on our weekends.  I have my kayak docked on my carport and fresh ground coffee to last the rest of the month.

The storm is a comin’.