Little Girls and Boys

by Chris de Serres

My daughter will join millions of little girls who have lived only knowing an African-American man and most likely a woman as her President.  She will come to understand just how decisively the American people reject misogyny and objectification of women.  It’s important she does.

It’s crucial that little boys see rejection of this behavior as well.  They need guidance on what it means to be a man in this world.  We don’t realize that they are always watching us.

We will be pondering this election for a long while.  What is says about us and our inherent dysfunction.  We need to change.  The weaknesses in our system of government have never been so exposed.

We are scared and irrational.  We are capable of turning against pillars of stability.  Against the values of our very democracy.  Some of this is based on fear, but also ignorance.  A lack of education or understanding of the community and country in which we live in.

We are anti-intellectual and believers in our exceptionalism.  So we need no basis in reality to feel that we are superior.

We are rattled.  If this election cycle is no clearer proof of that then I don’t know what else will wake us up.

What I do know is that we will die someday.  Soon those millions of little girls and boys who began with an African-American man and, hopefully, a woman as THEIR first Presidents will be taking over.