My Daughter’s Reaction

by Chris de Serres

She went to bed last night with the hope that she would wake up to the first woman president.  Instead, she found my wife Ophelia…

“My daughter woke up today and with an excited look on her face, turned to me and said “Mama, did Hillary win!?…”

“No baby, Hillary didn’t win. Trump won…”
Her face dropped and tears filled her eyes.

“…but Mama, what state did he win?”

“No, my Love. Trump is going to be our new President….”

” How can that happen” she said “Mama,….Trump doesn’t like me….”
“Baby, what do you mean?”
“Trump hates me because I’m a girl…”

I tried my best to say all the right things, to remind my precious child that love will win and that we will protect her from hatred. That she is not alone and that we will continue to fight for everyone.

“But wait mama! Trump doesn’t like any of my friends……”
She continued “….What about all of the people who don’t live in this country or have people to fight for them? How can we let him hurt all of those people…….”

I am broken. 
I have been crying all morning. 

As a queer woman. As a mother. As a survivor. As an advocate. As a citizen of the world……

On the way to school, we played happy songs and talked more about love and how it always win, no matter what.

We got to school and one by one, teacher and parents arrived. 
One by one we embraced each other and openly cried. 

We continue to cry. 

We are in disbelief, our hearts filled with sadness. We are ashamed. 

Everywhere I walk this morning, people’s eyes are swollen. They have nothing to say. Today we mourn for the loss of everything that we have built in the last 8 years. 

We are a nation divided. We are a world, broken. Today, I am not hopeful. I am not optimistic. Tomorrow,…tomorrow is another day. 

But today, today we mourn.”