We Are Interchangeable

by Chris de Serres

Most of us are factory workers.  We may not be standing at a conveyor belt.  We may not be wearing a gown.  Yet, most jobs that exist today are based on the assembly line concept.  Our schools were designed to get us ready for factory work.  It is the reason why I homeschool my daughter.  I always hated growing up in an interchangeable society.  Most of my life i’ve worked jobs that anyone could do.  Jobs that required very little expertise.

At any moment, someone else could come along and, within a week, do the job I was doing with equal efficiency.  The factory is what we know.  It’s what got Trump elected.  His promises to bring factory jobs back.

I get it, there is more to life than finding your passion.  Good medical insurance, stability, feeding your family, etc.  When I was in the Army, many of my platoon mates were happy to just pay the bills.  There was little thought to what they really wanted to do in life.  The Army relies and expects a steady supply of factory workers.  They would be in serious trouble if we all found an opportunity to do what we were meant to do.

I am very good at my job.  I am not a factory worker.  My success depends greatly on the relationships I have built over years.  Someone couldn’t come in and accomplish what I can.  Yet, I do not care about this job.  It doesn’t energize me.  I have no passion for it.  I have good medical, stability, and I can feed my family.  That is why I am here.  Truthfully I am not too far removed from the factory.

I think it’s the factory that motivates us to blog.  A blog can’t be duplicated.  Every voice here is unique and human.  Some blogs are eloquent and insightful.  Others are filled with emotion that pulses into us vicariously as we read the words.  Many are dull, boring, or self-indulgent.  All of us are trying to convey our own experiences in our own words, however successful we come across.

I woke up this morning looking for inspiration.  I went to daily prompts.  The word of the day was mythical.  I asked myself is daily prompts just another factory I check into?  I start writing and try to find a way to fit this word into my narrative, no matter how appropriate.  Maybe mythical doesn’t fit and I shouldn’t be doing the daily prompt.

I should be writing about what I want.  Our writing is one of the few expressions of freedom that we have.  Should I compromise something so meaningful in order to fit it into the pool of mythical voices?  There are alot of entries today.  One entry overshadows the next.  How will people find my solitary little entry amongst the factory?  It all seems so interchangeable.

It makes me wonder if writing is the factory job of today.  Just a line of entries running along a conveyor belt waiting to be acknowledged and liked and followed.  Our charge is simply to convey our uniqueness over the ocean of words around us.  Break the surface and ride a wave.