He Descends

by Chris de Serres

Behavior doesn’t lie. We may choose to ignore it, but it is telling. Does this man want to be President? I was waiting for the ‘bringing together’ part to happen. That moment where a newly elected individual reaffirms our unity. When it is said, because after every election it needs to be said.

He has given us many more reasons to doubt, to rail against him.

So much has happened in just a few weeks. It depresses my hands to type each questionable action, so I will not document.

Not that it matters. We vote based on heart. On emotion. All the facts were against him. Yet, he ascends.

I tried understanding those who voted for him. I felt I had to because it was so shocking, so disappointing and self-destructive. I picked up The Unwinding by George Packer and Strangers In Their Own Land by Arlie Hochschild. I hear that in these books is the answer.

Yet, I am too angry at the Trump voter. Still.  It feels too raw to absorb the message in these books openly.  This anger feeds off of every action of his going forward. Everyone, including his own team, is telling him stop the goddamn tweets. You will be President of the United States, you fuckin’ maniac.

Maybe it’s because, like many, I have reverence for the office. This feels like a personal violation. This feeling was no different when Bill Clinton compromised everything with Lewinsky.

The indifference. The recklessness. The ignorance. The lack of experienced personnel needed to repair his destructiveness.

I care too much about the idea of our President to abide what I see here.

The friends I have who voted for him tell me,”just give him a chance!” Chances are earned. They come after attempts to mend. I see none of that. He can expect the humanity in us when he displays the dignity within himself to take this mantle.  Yet, I wonder if he has it.  I don’t think he does.  That’s why he will fail, and it will hurt all of us.

In 4 years we will all argue about just who was responsible for destroying the gains of the Obama administration, just like we did of the Clinton era.  But like always we will vote based not on facts, but on emotion and heart.  Who knows where that will lead us.