Is It Midnight Yet?

by Chris de Serres

I love history.  I find myself getting lost for hours on Wikipedia.  One piece of information leads to another.  It reminds me of when I was a child and I would open up volume after volume of our Encyclopedia Britannica collection.

It still astounds me that I can access most of the world’s information on this handheld device that I take with me everywhere.  That is earth shattering.  These devices are a revelation.  People my age grew up with 6 channels of television, which shut off at midnight.  One of my feet stays solidly in that world before the internet, IPhone, and hundreds of channels of television broadcasting.

It is often surreal interacting with younger folks who never experienced any of those things.  They were born connected to everything.  A million invisible hands reaching into their brains, activating neurons in such a way I could never understand.

I remember simplicity.  I miss it.  Innovation has given us overwhelming access, but none of the tools in which to filter what we see and hear.  We are inundated.  I didn’t realize just how affected I was by it until this election cycle.  The sheer amount of media content on Trump was considerable.  Like nothing i’ve ever seen before.  In politics, the media are usually covering a wide array of events.  Sometimes they focus on a current crisis, but they always move on.  Yet, this entire past year they’ve shown remarkable consistency.  All Trump, all day.

For folks who pay close attention to politics we’ve hit a stage of fatigue that I didn’t think possible.  The media is obsessively focused.  It could be a new disorder in the DSM.  I am definitely displaying symptoms.

What is going on is so alarming.  We are so reactive to it because it’s unprecedented, from week to week.  It’s so bizarre, and seemingly always shocking and the forecast feels so insidious.

So how does one separate oneself from this collective panic attack?  The left is telling us now is the time to get more engaged.  To calm ourselves and redouble our efforts against what Trump and his “horsemen of the apocalypse” cabinet will reap upon us.

All I want to do is find a nice beach somewhere with no WiFi access and 6 channels of television.  A place where everything turns off at midnight.  Yet, I still have this device in my hand and bad news keeps trending more migraines and stabbing sensations in my gut.