Live Gloriously

by Chris de Serres

The sun will rise tomorrow and it will be no different from today.  There is no magic to a new year.  There is celebration.  There is a moment to reflect back on successes and failures.  To breathe each in.  To be gentle with ourselves.  To realize it’s okay if we didn’t accomplish everything we aspired to.  We weathered the storms, and there were many in the past 365.

In my 2016, I learned that I don’t need to be so passive.  I can dictate the day.  I deserve recognition for my achievements and they were many.  I just haven’t added them all up.

I never make my resolutions in December.  My 2017 started last September, when the warm days were slowly cooling.  When my body was telling me to let off the gas just a little bit.  I resolved not to fold up in my cocoon over the winter.  To stay available no matter where the depression takes me.  To dangle little goals like breadcrumbs through the cold and dark trail.  To remain engaged.

I put a bunch of events on my calendar for January and February.  To force myself forward to the Spring.  I planned out my next 2 years.  Things i’ve been afraid to talk about for a long time.  Now all I have to do is to show up and do them.

That’s my resolution.  To take care of my own well-being.  To be inquisitive and creative with my daughter.  To put the computer down and give more present moments to my wife.  To tell my brother I love him more and give him real hugs.  To always cuddle with Floki, my beloved chihuahua.

To help those in crisis each week, the promise I made many months ago.  To take this alien concept known as self-care seriously.  To rebuild my capacity each night.  To find myself ready each morning to build a great day.  One day at a time.

The ocean is full of people and events I can’t control.  I wouldn’t want to.  I am better than I was before, and I will meet 2017 with all the faculties and skills I have acquired in my life.  Living a good life requires an accumulation of experience over an ocean of time, failure, mistakes, regret, and a will to move forward.

We all move forward and continue to accept failure and rejection because it is the only way to become someone better.  What we have now is good enough.  We deserve love.  We have the capacity now to make someone else’s life better.  With silence and active listening.

There is no magic carpet tomorrow.  It is the beginning of another 365 days.  Live gloriously.