Our Collective Trauma

by Chris de Serres

It’s been a test on us.  We grow up respecting our higher institutions.  I voted for George Bush.  The question about him was would he surround himself with competent people?  Would he listen to them?  There was never a question of whether he would respect the office he had so luckily been bestowed.  He had a great role model in Bush Sr., and we knew Barbara wasn’t afraid to grab him by the ear.

This past year many who feel the way I do were waiting for election day.  We felt this collective attack, not from the Republicans or the Russians, from something different.  Someone so far out of the spectrum of possibility.  A man who was embroiled in the Obama birth certificate craziness only a couple of years back.  He took over the media cycle, completely, and still does.

We needed some relief.  We needed this election to finish so that this maniac would go away.  It felt like a national trauma.  A shock to the system.  The numbers began rolling in.  Even this man didn’t believe he would be President.  He was already arranging television deals for his new network.  He spent no time vetting Cabinet positions because why bother right?  There was no chance.

President Trump took no steps to bring the majority of Americans back into the fold.  He filled his Cabinet with the inexperienced, the partisans, and the Wall Street billionaires tangled in a web of conflicts of interest.

So the trauma of President Trump continues for four long years.  The past three weeks have felt like a decade.  His first press conference simply showed that he planned to fight.  He has no interest in helping America heal by moderating his insanity.  He simply does what he has always done.

We knew what we were getting.  There are no surprises here.  Even as him presence destabilizes our government, or nation.  If I were to say someday we will look back on this time as a blip in the radar would you believe me?  Can this country survive a perpetually disruptive and malicious force such as this man?

What will be our standing after elevating a truly despicable human being to our highest office?  The only thing i’m certain of is that Trump will make alot of money off of this honorable position he has been bestowed.