The Day After

by Chris de Serres


My family exercising our freedom to assemble

Saturday is an important day.  We elected a misogynist to our highest office.  There is no room for debate anymore.  With the possibility of elevating our first woman President, we went the opposite way.  I know that a majority of folks voted for Hillary, but that just doesn’t sound good enough.  Almost half voted the other way.  That is a significant portion of Americans, no matter how we consider it.

That says something about us.  About the behaviors we are willing to accept.  Many women voted for this man.  Many of these women simply disliked Hillary.  They were willing to vote for a misogynist because they simply disliked “that woman.”

A significant number of women voted to make this happen.  So while men should always be looking inside ourselves and acknowledging some stark realities, women should equally be introspecting.  We should all take ownership over this result.

That is why women are marching on Saturday.  That is why I am marching with them.  I spent a great deal of emotional capacity willing the result we see today from happening.  Our children are watching everything that has been transpiring.  They are taking notes.

How do the two most important role models in my life respond to an outrageous and unacceptable result?  We march.  We cannot do this on Facebook or  We must do this in public.  We know that he will be paying attention and he must be reminded that he does not have the support of the majority of this country.

We will not just give him a chance.  He has behaved despicably and cowardly.  He has gone too far, again and again.  He has exposed and surpassed the limits of our sense of decency and respect for this highest honor.  So i’m marching and spending my time and money with organizations that will fight against everything he stands for.  There is no reason to provide him with any sort of leeway to do what he promised he would do.

This is the right thing to do if you love America.  If you love your children.  They are always watching and remembering what we do.  So we must do.