Hello Again Blog

by Chris de Serres


It’s been a while.  I wanted to write in you every day, but i’ve been struggling.  Some of it good, some bad.  I’ve been trying to stay away from current events, but every new tweet seems to introduce something sinister and partisan and exclusive.  I now know how it feels to have a President in office who has no interest in my concerns.  Not even an effort to pretend to be inclusive.  No token gestures.  Just nothing.

I have never read so many great and insightful articles on the current state of America today.  It feels like journalism is entering another golden age.  Unfortunately it’s almost all about one man.  He magnifies our fears, almost consciously.  This atmosphere of chaos and petty actions and petty arguments seems intended.  To accept him we have to buy into his warped sense of reality, which is an impossibility for Americans like me.

I just don’t know how much longer he can dangle his delusional road trip in front of our shaking heads.  Will the Republicans save America?  Will they intervene for the sake of the people, or even in the name of their own questionable principles?

There is no more expectation that this man will tack into the winds of reality.  I fully expect him to waste our money on the wall that we never asked for.  The wall that was already there.  There is a wall between Americans like me and everything he brings forward every day.  Obama was so warm and open and human.  He used reason and common sense to guide him.

I understand that many of us are disgusted with these Cabinet picks.  Yet, all these people flow from a poison lake.  He is the ultimate unsuitable incompetent.  So how enraged can we really get with DeVos and Pruitt and the rest?

These concerns have a way of drowning out the day.  The things we do to take care of ourselves.  I realize more how my family is such a source of happiness and renewal.  I need to cuddle with my daughter and read books to her, for her benefit and for myself.  This is normal.  This is healthy.  This is a reminder that the reach of narcissistic misogynist leaders is limited.  They can’t get to this.

The truth has never been more valuable.  I see it in the resurgence of Dan Rather on Facebook.  I see in the David Frum’s surreal How To Build An Autocracy.  I see it in Jake Tapper refusing to yield to Trump’s latest talking head.  With chaos comes opportunity.  The stories that are being told are heartbreaking and disturbing and sober.  But they need to be told.

It’s a time to assess what is meaningful to you.  It’s a time of action.  Adding your name and address to the Moveon.org petition just does not cut it in this world.  We have grown lazy in our cozy little worlds.  But it feels like many of us are waking up and being citizens.  For the first time.

We love our country.  Our institutions.  Our neighbors.  Whether they be immigrants or transgender or excluded by this administration.  We want to protect all those people and all of those things.

Blog,  I wish we had other problems, but this is it and here we are.  Thanks for lending an ear.