Can Therapists Say Fuck?

by Chris de Serres

Yes, I am now officially a student-therapist.  I also survived my first quarter of grad school.  I even met my first client.

Me, and my fucked up family.

I won’t be able to get rid of this client no matter what I do.  Nor did I really didn’t want to reacquaint myself with them.  Not in a more objective, non-judgmental therapist kind of way at least.  You see, part of being a therapist is seeing everything with a different lens.  This lens will help me be an effective therapist, but I can tell my wife is sick and tired of it.  Here’s a brief conversation:

Wife:  I can’t believe my mum called again.  I already told her I didn’t want to talk to her!

Me:  Interesting.  Why do you suppose she is not respecting your boundaries?

Wife:  Because she is insane.

Me:  Insane.  That’s a strong word.  Does this reflect how you really feel?

It’s insufferable I know.  But it’s who I am becoming.  I can’t cuss as often.  I can’t even get into epic Facebook battles over gun rights.  I can explore and reflect feelings.  I can role model and offer corrective experiences.  While the ID in me wants to vent like everyone else does, it’s not the life of a therapist.  We need to be an oasis of positive self-regard to use at your pleasure.

This is my new world and, if I choose to accept, I am going to have to get comfortable with it.  Fuck.